PipePillo®  Pipeline Support

PipePillo® is a high-performance structured pipeline pillow (SPP) designed to permanently support fully-loaded pipelines from the rocky trench bottom. It provides permanent support and is the only engineered solution – replacing foam, sandbags and pad dirt.

Environment and Pipeline Friendly

PipePillos are manufactured from high strength polypropylene resins which are environmentally inert yet softer than pipeline coatings. In addition, PipePillo’s 90 degrees of support limit ovality and their many cavities support cathodic protection systems.

Designed for Strength

The design incorporates a patented dual frustoconical shape which is able to transfer extreme loads very effectively through to consolidated or virgin soil beneath.

Easy to Handle and Install

PipePillos are light enough to be manually handled, yet dense enough to resist flotation.

All PipePillos have a rectangular center hole, which accommodates an installation rod (2×4) for positioned placement without workers in the trench. For deeper excavations, PipePillos can be strapped to the bottom of the pipeline prior to the pipe installation.

Additional Uses

Stringing & Welding

PipePillos were designed for use both in and out of the trench.  Outside the trench, PipePillo® is well-suited for use stringing and welding as single or multi-stacked supports. PipePillos are lightweight and can be moved and stacked by a single worker.  Reuse PipePillo® on your next project or easily place in the trench for permanent pipeline support.

Integrity Digs

PipePillo® can be used as an effective means to support exposed pipelines during and following integrity digs. Achieve additional height by stacking multiple PipePillos, limiting the requirement for compacted soil beneath the pipe.

Pipe Inspection and Fabrication

PipePillos are excellent for use in the shop during pipe inspection and fabrication. Their versatile and adjustable stacking heights make them an indispensable piece of equipment, offering your pipe a stable resting place and a full 90 degrees of support.

Pipe Storage and Transportation

PipePillo® was engineered to safely hold up to 80,000 lbs and provide a full 90 degrees of support, making it an ideal solution for pipe storage and transportation. Help protect your pipe by limiting ovality, improving drainage, and lowering costs by having a PipeSak® engineer design your pipe storage solution using the versatile PipePillo® product.

Pipeline Solutions

Northlink Supply offers the highest quality pipeline solutions including: 


Pipesak®  Buoyancy Control

PipeSak® is a geotextile pipeline weight that is filled with local aggregate and placed on the pipeline to provide long term buoyancy control. PipeSak® restricts uplift with no risk to the coating and are as permeable as the ballast used to fill them, allowing groundwater and cathodic protection an easy path.​


PipeSaks are manufactured from the heaviest grade geotextile in the industry and are rated for underground use. We routinely certify all components – fabric, webbing, and thread – to meet a minimum 4 times safety factor.

Environment and Pipeline Friendly

PipeSaks are a  soft method of buoyancy control, allowing the pipeline to move slightly while still maintaining negative buoyancy and coating protection. They allow for the easy passage of water supporting cathodic protection systems. They are non-biodegradable and as environmentally friendly as the natural aggregate used to fill them.


PipeSaks® are easy to transport and install, require no extra trench depth and no trench dewatering, making PipeSak® the most economical pipeline weighting system.

Safe and Durable

PipeSaks® spread the fabric load using a multi-compartment design that is safer and longer-lasting than the one or two compartment design used by other fabric weights.

PipeSak® is the only geotextile pipeline weight with a multi-compartment design that is engineered to evenly distribute the weight. The multi-compartment design improves safety, speeds up installation, and ensures integrity is maintained, even if one compartment becomes damaged.



PipeJacket®  Rock Shield

PipeJacket™ flexible pipe wrap protects pipes from minor impact and abrasions in rocky conditions. The flexible PVC strands provide superior protection for your pipeline coating during backfilling. Its lightweight design offers impact resistance and does not interfere with cathodic protection systems.

The Smarter Choice

PipeJacket™ is an industry leading rock shield designed to protect pipelines from impact in rocky trenches. PipeJacket™ has been designed using durable and flexible PVC, proven over decades of use to keep pipes protected in the long term.

Environment and Pipeline Friendly

PipeJacket™ rockshield protects pipe coatings from rocky or harsh backfill during construction and throughout the life of the pipeline. The natural soil native to the trench can often be used for backfill, helping to ease the environmental impact from construction. Its random strand design has been proven to prevent shielding of cathodic protection systems, ensuring pipeline integrity is maintained.


PipeJacket™ reduces construction costs when compared to using select fill or sand padding and allows for faster project completion. When harsh conditions are encountered, PipeJacket™ can be delivered and installed on-site and backfilling can commence immediately with screened native soil, keeping your project on budget and on-time.

Easy to Handle & Install

PipeJacket™ is installed quickly and easily in the field with no expensive equipment required. Its flexible and lightweight design was developed for cold weather conditions, making it ideal for all climates. It is custom cut in pads or rolls specific to the pipe diameter, saving time with no wastage.


Standard Bentonite

High-yield sodium bentonite for usage involving tunneling, horizontal directional drilling, and pipe jacking.

 Applications include:

  • Soil trenching

  • Soil sealing

  • Tunnel boring

  • Other hydraulic barrier applications

Bentonite Chips

Naturally occurring bentonite chips sized up to ⅜” utilized for sealing applications and plugging of earth cavities.

Applications include: 

  • Seismic shothole stemming

  • Grouting monitoring wells

  • Artesian well shut-offs

  • Lost circulation materials



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